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Who are we?

We pair businesses and individuals through our proprietary marketplace which facilitates an UBER-like gig economy; supplying businesses with remote contingent labor on-demand for as long as support is needed. Our platform gives employers unprecedented control over their business continuity while supporting each element of the work life-cycle.


Talent Marketplace

Post or apply for gigs, part-time or full time work with top companies.

CX Platform

CX Platform

Cloud based virtual omni-channel contact center with integrated next gen tool sets.


Enablement Solutions

Built-in solutions for workforce, quality and performance management.


Labor on Demand

Staffing on demand with a pay for use model; customizable compensation models.

How it works



What do we offer CX Advocates?

Skip the drive and utilize your laptop or PC.  In the future, we plan to incorporate lite work which may be performed on your phone or tablet.

Our platform is designed to keep you as occupied as possible when you choose to work so that you’re making the highest possible income at any given time of day.

Our time boards are designed to show you how the next several weeks, days and 30 minute intervals for each project or campaign you’re actively working.  Utilize this transparency to reserve a time slot.  If your circumstances change, we’ll proactively facilitate a swap on your behalf to avoid impact to your personal brand.

Rather play scheduling by the ear?  That works too.  Login to a campaign when you’re ready.  If that campaign’s full, we’ll put you in queue and keep you updated – no commitments!

What’s worse than being ready to work, to earn, and having no work available?  Logging in to take calls, and waiting on calls that don’t materialize leaving you with wasted time and little to show for it.

Our marketplace is just that, a dynamic free-marketplace.  First of it’s kind – employers can post multiple projects and campaigns with various transparent pay structures.  Apply to those that interest you, and work which ones you like when you like. In the future, we’ll empower you to support multiple clients simultaneously driving your hourly earnings to new levels.

How will you choose?  Well that’s up to you, but we’ll give you all the tools you need to make the right choice because while we measure our CX advocates, we also measure our clients.

Partner Metrics to look forward to: partner forecast accuracy, campaign business, rolling average earnings – by periods like day of week, weekly, monthly, etc.

We run lean. We focus on people first, smart business, with smart solutions paired with best-in-class technology to deliver solutions for you and our partners. 

We don’t invest in big pretty buildings while paying you a non-livable wage.

We take a percent of every dollar earned on our platform, passing the savings directly to our staff delivering solutions.

If you’ve been working in contact centers, have you ever made more when calls are coming in back to back?  Wait until you experience your first RUSH on NovelCX – the only platform that pays more when calls are waiting.

We also facilitate incentives – power hours, spot bonuses/ recognition in addition to some projects payout out bonuses for performance objectives.

You are our first customer – always.

Once you’re registered, you’ll receive free access our CX University to prepare you for your desired industry.

In addition, we offer:

  • Platform assistance team
  • Supplemental job aids
  • On-call assistance tools – wizards, call flow, navigator assistant, chat, and more
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Managed escalation paths
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • A host of the usual suspects: Forums, tickets, faqs, etc.

Culture and engagement are more important when we’re all working from our own homes… less connected than we might otherwise be… with less opportunities to connect in break-rooms or by the water cooler.

To combat this, we focus on our supervisors building their winning teams – targeting formation in centralized geographies.  We facilitate this, by pairing individuals with teams in close proximity and most importantly funding team engagement activities.

We also lean very heavily on gamification to keep you competing against your best-self and others.

Do you aspire to graduate from the phones?

We offer training through CX university.  You may also apply for supervisor and management opportunities.

We’re also committed to building out a mentorship platform for qualified individuals.

Our supervisors/ managers earn well based on their team size and team’s performance.

As our first customer, we’re listening to your feedback.

What’s better than sending an email that nobody may ever open? 

Submitting your feedback and suggestions to our platform road-map boards.  Voting on the features you want, and watching as your ideas are selected as we partner with you to execute your vision.




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