Virtual Contact Operations Center

We're more than a cloud contact center. Deploy a full omnichannel contact center operation quickly with integrated scheduling, and an array of workforce tools to ensure you're appropriately staffed.

Orchestrate consumer journeys to manufacture the perfect consumer experience CX

Achieve your Digital First business strategy

by expanding your reach into all of the channels your consumers reside in

Flexible routing logic ensures that the right worker handles your critical tasks each and every time.

  • Capture Business Events

    Route anything from calls, sms, email, chats, coachings or approvals.

  • Worker Attribute-Driven Routing

    Create your own agent attributes, then utilize them in your routing workflow.

Integrated Workforce Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and adherence lead to more effective planning which ensures you always have staff to support your consumers.

Real-time State Adherence

Go beyond creating states for your workers. Give each state various attributes that will improve your ability to effectively report and plan. Once you've created your states, monitor your worker's activity in real-time.

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Simple and intuitive for all user roles

Your staff won't be distracted by the system, we offer intuitive controls allowing agents to effortlessly toggle between tasks.  All tasks are centralized and grouped by type.

  • All Channels Centralized

  • Dynamic Programmable Containers

  • Quick Contacts

Integrate your existing CRM or deploy a custom payload on task delivery

We'll assist in connecting your existing CRM to your Novel CX platform.  If you don't have one today, you can customize a task interaction panel that fits your needs.

  • Payloads

    Load a custom content container or iFrame for workers based on the routing rules associated with the incoming work time.

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